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Lycetts Leadership Award

This award is for licensed British racehorse trainers. The four sections that make up the Lycetts Leadership Award are all Excellence Awards. These sections are based on The Winning Approach, a set of industry standards in management and employment practices. Trainers can enter just one or multiple sections and the entry process has been further simplified this year.

You can choose which section to enter or submit an entry for each one.

The Excellence Awards are kindly sponsored by George Smith Horseboxes.

1. Inclusive Recruitment & Effective Induction Systems

3. Excellence Award for Development and Training

"George Smith Horseboxes are delighted to be supporting the Excellence Awards as part of the Lycetts Leadership Award. The focus on safety particularly really resonates with our brand where our own focus has always been on durability and safety. We look forward to supporting trainers and celebrating their successes through the Excellence Awards."
George Smith, George Smith Horseboxes

Once all entries have been judged, a winner for each section will be decided. A shortlist of six finalists including those winners will be entered into the Lycetts Leadership Award.

The Judges will aim to visit all shortlisted yards and this will be confirmed nearer the time as we continue to work within varying Covid restrictions. All trainers of shortlisted yards will be asked in advance to host the visits.

One trainer from the shortlist will be named as the winner of the Lycetts Leadership Award 2021 and win £4,000 to spend on your business.

£500 to spend on your business to the winner of each Excellence Award section.

Who is eligible?
You are only eligible for the overall Leadership Award if you have entered one or more of the sections listed above. Once entered, you will be automatically considered for the Lycetts Leadership Award.

You do not need to make a separate or additional entry.

How is this award different to previous years?
Good management practice is essential for building resilience within your business. It's usually when something goes wrong that questions will be asked. The more robust the systems within the business, the less impact will be felt when things don't go to plan.

In response to feedback from previous years, we're looking for anecdotes rather than formal evidence to illustrate your submission for this year's award. Simply tell us your priorities for each section. What process is in place? Include any policies with examples of how these are carried out in the yard. How do staff know about these policies? Who checks what? How does this work well for your team? Give examples of excellent management and leadership and tell what difference this makes in the yard.

The overall Leadership Award is a new addition to share best practice and highlight exceptional leadership qualities within racing yards. It provides another benchmarking tool for trainers to promote their businesses to owners, staff and sponsors.

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